Do you wonder how it works ?

How far do you move?

We move in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud. From 3 cars, we go in all French-speaking Switzerland.

And if I do not have the place or I park in a car park?

If your company has a private car park, we can doubtless obtain their authorization to come on the spot (remember yourselves that we leave none draw on the ground). Otherwise, for the Genevans, we suggest coming to look for your vehicle and to return it to you once the made service.

Yes but if you have an accident on the road?!

No problem! We arrange all the necessary insurances to take care of the caused damages. Furthermore, if the damage is too consequent and require the fixed immobilization of the vehicle, we give you a courtesy car the time of the repairs.

Which frequency of treatment you advise me ?

All depends on you, but we recommend at least a treatment every 2/3 months to facilitate the maintenance and avoid the too much overlaid grimes. Thanks god the subscription “Vivaldi” is there!

Do you handle the hood?

Of course! The complete treatment of hood is included in all our services. No supplement for the amateurs of hair in the wind!

Do you clean the inside of my vehicle?

We propose 3 offers ” All-inclusive “, that is outside AND internal, the quite in-depth.

Do you also handle my seats?

Leather, textile, alcantara… It is most our service! With Wash&Move no cumulative offers, here everything is included!

Can you get back the task on my carpet?

We always make every effort to try to get back all the firm dirts, and by means of the steam, it is highly likely that we made a success. However, it is necessary to keep the idea that we offer a maintenance service and not a renovation (which is much more expensive).

What use is the ceramic ?

It is perfect if you often go to the mountain. Between the salt on the road, and the snow inside the car … We have the solution.

The purpose is to make shine your vehicle in a more sustainable way, while protecting him from outside attacks.

It can apply to the body, the textile, the leather, the carpets, the windows … In a nutshell, an ultimate protection!